Our mission is to help companies use Messenger Marketing.

When we realized how transformative the Messenger Marketing revolution will be, we decided to start Upcado. We believe that every business will use Messenger Marketing in the years ahead and we want to help them!


Albert Guðlaugsson

Co-founder & CMO

Albert is a programmer and an UX hero. He is also a former basketball player, a Liverpool supporter and a friend to bots and people.


Ómar Yamak

Co-founder & Lead design

Ómar is responsible for design and customer happiness. He holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and is a coach at the legendary Mjölnir gym in Iceland.


Patrekur Maron Magnússon

Co-founder & CEO

Patrekur is focused on the core programming and growing Upcado as quickly as possible. He likes to play chess and doing other nerdy things.


Tómas Óli Garðarsson

Co-founder & CTO

Tómas is a programmer with a design oriented focus. Tómas is also an avid football player and plays football as a part time job.