Upcado is a Messenger Marketing tool built for online stores.

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Messenger marketing. The new maillist.

Broadcast a message to multiple users at once with our broadcast feature. Promote for example new products or product on sale to your users. And get open rates around 80%.

Upcado ❤️ Your products.

Your product catalog

Upcado makes everything involved with products super easy, from uploading products, editing and much more.

Importing products

Add your products one by one or import a CSV file to add all your products at once for each category

Platform integrations

Know Your Audience


See list of users that have talked to the bot and details information about them.


See how busy your bot is by seeing analytics about sent and recived messeges

Basic configurations made easy.

  • Persistent menu.

    Persistent menu is a menu inside your chatbot that helps the user navigate.

  • Personality

    Edit your bot personality. It's important for your brands image.

  • Opening message

    Customize your opening message. It's the first message your user sees.

Be one of the first to try Upcado.

No development skills needed

There are only 100 spots available for the first batch of Beta users.